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We have identified the vast potential for the use of bamboo in a number of processing and manufacturing applications and in particular its sustainability and potential for restoring the health of the planet. As the project has developed, it has become apparent that the marriage of bamboo biomass with the latest developments in torrefaction technologies for the creation of a clean burning equivalent to ordinary coal, as well as other biomass-to-energy conversion technologies, can provide the greatest sustainable economic opportunity.

We are convinced that the transition from a high-carbon to a low -carbon economy will be the most significant process in modern economic history - matching the Industrial Revolution in scale and the Technological Revolution in pace. Climate change dictates the need to improve the environmental footprint of fossil-fuelled industries and of coal-fired power plants.

The result is a huge demand for raw biomass material as a sustainable energy resource for both developing and developed economies in a “carbon light” manner – sustainability and renewability of the resource are key factors – so is abundance. Bamboo is the fastest growing, sustainable biomass available.

After torrefaction, bamboo pellets have an energy content on a par with the best quality coals, exceeding by an order of magnitude other biomass crops, while at the same time being totally carbon neutral and non-competitive with crops (such as corn) used for food production.

In essence, the large scale growing of bamboo for the production of such biomass-to-energy products as clean-coal pellets, bio-ethanol, bio-diesel, bio-oil solve several key issues in one very simple and elegant way – reducing carbon emissions, providing a clean energy source alternative to fossil fuels, and not competing with food production.

 What is torrefied bamboo?
• A 100% renewable biomass fuel    that is an alternative to fossil    coal.
• A CO2 neutral/negative    sustainable biomass fuel.
• Has all the energy of fossil coal,    but is less than the total cost of    fossil coal.
• It is an environmentally friendly    upgrade to fossil coal.
• It is a pollution-free replacement    fuel that is smokeless and    odourless, and can be used    immediately at any coal-burning    power plant worldwide without any    retrofitting, down time, loss of    productivity, or service to    customers to reduce CO2 and all    GHG emissions.
• The most cost-effective solution    for coal-burning power plants to    meet the mandatory emissions    reductions set by their    governments.
• Tests done on torrefied bamboo    from our concessions in    Mozambique, show that the    calorific value was 26.795 MJ/kg.    Pelletising the product will    optimise the volumetric calorific    value. It is also hydrophobic, and    so easily transported and    stored.
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